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Thematic Networks

Thematic Cultural Network with the Museum of Science and Technology "Understanding Diversity through the book-Bringing the book to life in the Museum"

Thematic Networks
  30 November 2020

  Science & Technology Museum, University of Patras Campus, Greece

The Science and Technology Museum of the University of Patras and the Departments of Cultural Affairs of Primary and Secondary Education of Achaia as well as schools of Primary and Secondary Education of Achaia, are implementing during the school /academic year 2020-2021 a thematic network.

Goals :

1. Understanding that a book is an important tool for exploring contemporary issues.

2. The recycling of a book, so that the books do not remain untouched in one library, but give life to another.

2. The opening of the Science and Technology Museum to new public visitors.

3. Emphasizing the role of Museums as Cultural Centers in shaping the new tradition.

4. Collection of proposals on how the Museum can be transformed into a space that supports diversity, i.e a space for all.


  • Training Workshops for teachers on creative writing and how museums  around the world can support diversity. The event will take place live or through a platform, depending on how the situation will shape, possibly in November 2020, in the afternoon.
  • Selection of 1-3 literary books dealing with diversity. Teachers work with  their students on these and analyze diversity.
  • Participation of students-teachers in at least one educational Program in the permanent or periodic exhibition of the Museum in person or through an online platform, depending on the circumstances.
  • Creating Suggestions / rules for how the Museum can support diversity and be accessible to all, using one or more types of art.
  • Final Event for the International Museum Day, in May 2021, live or through a platform depending on how the situation will be shaped during this period.


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List of Dates (Page event details)

  • 30 November 2020
  • 30 November 2020

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