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Educational Programs through a Platform


Educational Programs of the Science and Technology Museum of UP through a web platform WebEx or Zoom.

Following the current developments due to Covid-19, the Science and Technology Museum of UP developed and is offering Distance Learning Programs, through WebEx or Zoom platforms. Well-known Educational Programs of the STM were redesigned to be able to operate through a platform. These Educational Programs include three programs for Primary education and one for Secondary education.

  •  “Discovering the house of Museum kid through the Internet”, for Kindergarten, first and second grades of Primary school
  •   “Me and the others on the Internet”, for the third and fourth grades of Primary School
  •   “Surfing safely on the Internet” for the fifth and sixth grades of Primary School
  •   “Stuck on the Internet? Never!” for Junior High School and High School of Secondary School

Distance Learning Programs will continue to be offered through the platform after the end of the Pandemic, for schools that cannot easily access the Museum.

In order to participate in the Educational programs, it is necessary to communicate with the Museum staff, to determine the time of the visit HERE For education material (in greek) to prepare your visit subscribe HERE or sign in HERE




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