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Volunteering and Gaining Experience

The Science and Technology Museum, as a place of Experimentation, Experience and Inspiration for students 

Students of the University of Patras or other Universities have the opportunity to volunteer at the Science and Technology Museum. Any student willing to volunteer can become a volunteer at the Science and Technology Museum, based on the field of their interest and the time they can devote. Students wishing to volunteer at the Museum should contact the Museum staff. HERE

At the Museum of Science and Technology students can:

  • be inspired by exhibitions, educational programs and other STM activities,
  • experiment and try new ideas in collaboration with the staff,
  • gain experience by offering their services to the STM.

Volunteering and gaining experience

Students can volunteer their services as part of their course work or diploma thesis and in collaboration with a faculty member of their department or directly with the Museum. Through the voluntary offer at the Museum, students can experiment with new ideas and gain experience.

Students volunteering at the Museum are honored each year with a special diploma at a celebration event marking World Volunteer Day (December 5).

Since its opening to the public, in 2009, until today, students have given their support by volunteering from the Departments of Physics (Educational programs, demonstrations of Physics experiments), Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Education, Cultural Studies, Architecture, and Philology of the University of Patras.

The STM was also supported by student volunteers from the Departments of:

  • Museology and Exhibition Design ATEI Patras (Design and implementation of educational activities)
  • University of East London Architecture (brochure design, landscaping, etc.)
  • Erasmus students from various Universities


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