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Educational Programs: Secondary Education

The Science and Technology Museum holds a variety of Thematic Educational programs for Secondary Education school groups

• The Educational programs in the permanent exhibition "Telecommunications in our lives":

1. "Learning how the telegraph works" for JHS

2. "Chemistry in our everyday life" for JHS

3. "On the paths of electromagnetism and its people"  for JHS and HS

4. "Learning how the telephone works" for JHS and HS

5. "Learning how the mobile phone works" for JHS and HS

6. "Learning how the radio works" for JHS and HS

7. "Sound: traveling with waves" for JHS and HS

8. "Surfing the Internet with safety" for JHS

9. "Neither offender nor victim of the Internet" for JHS and HS

10. "Stuck on the Internet? Never!" for JHS and HS

• Other Educational Programs
11. "Geology in our lives" for JHS and HS

12."Biology, the science of life" for JHS

In order to participate in the Educational programs, it is necessary to communicate with the Museum staff, to determine the time of the visit HERE For educational material (in greek) to prepare your visit to subscribe HERE or sign in HERE


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