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Thematic Networks

Thematic Network of Health Education with the Science and Technology Museum "Social media: Yesterday, today, tomorrow"

Thematic Networks
  29 November 2019

  Science & Technology Museum, University of Patras Campus, Greece

The Science and Technology Museum of the University of Patras and the Department of Health Education of Primary Education of Achaia, as well as Schools of Primary and Secondary Education of Achaia implement a Health Education Network during the school and academic year 2019-2020.


1. Exploring the concept of networking from real life to social media

2. The recognition of the advantages of networking and the use of social media

3. The recognition of the disadvantages of networking and the use of social media

4. The cultivation of critical thinking in the use of the positive and in the avoidance of the negative

5. Dissemination of knowledge about networking and the use of social media between different generations

 Areas to be covered by the network:

  • Networking in real life and its possibilities
  • Social media and their capabilities
  • The positives that social networking offers us
  • The risks and problems we may face
  • Ways we can use social media safely and creatively
  • Safe social media for everyone

Projects: An activity that will include theatrical, fairy tale, at least one artwork, pantomime, video that deals with and renders one or more of the topics, as described above or otherwise with the aim of interacting with parents and grandparents.

Activities that will include the network:

  • Introductory experiential event (2/20) at the STM for networking and social networks in the school groups participating in the Network
  • Possibility of participation of students-teachers in one of the Educational Programs for Internet security at the STM

• Final event for Museum Day with the participation of parents and grandparents (in May 2020). In the final event, the teams will exhibit and present their projects in an open event that will take place at the Science and Technology Museum.


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List of Dates (Page event details)

  • 29 November 2019

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